Self Portrait - month 2 | October

Self portrait month 2. October went by and I didn't even see it. Did you?

A few months ago, my super talented husband built a shed in our backyard. He made the walls of pallet wood so I could use as a backdrop for photography. Of course, if it will take up some precious space of our backyard, it needs to be useful to both of us, and look pretty!

I could not miss the opportunity to use it while I have the time, before a new lucky family moves in - The Wade crew has some crazy moving plans in the making, so we had to put our home for sale.

For this month's portrait, besides using the cool looking wall, I decided to get in front of the camera all by myself, with no distractions. It kinda makes sense, since it's called "self-portrait", right? Right, but when you have a smiley little side kick, it's too tempting to include her in all the pictures! 

Even though she wasn't in the picture, she sure participated in this one. She was standing by the camera making me smile real big. 

It was early in the morning in a cold day last week (50F on a sunny October morning in Texas, i can say it was cold, right?). Baby girl was on her cozy fleece pjs, and I was wearing my favorite plaid shirt (that survived my decluttering process), and no makeup. We were up before the sun, had breakfast, played and when the time seemed right, I brought the camera, tripod, pack n play, and the baby outside, set them side by side and started the fun. Evelyn had some toys in the pack n play, but she seemed more entertained by me running back and fourth to set the timer and pose than by anything else. She just stood there, smiling at me. That just made it very easy for me to smile back.

Participating in this challenge of taking a self portrait every month made me realize how self conscious we can get when standing in front of a camera. When I started setting up my tripod I kept looking around to see if my neighbors were watching me. Having Evelyn there to play with while getting ready for the clicks was a pleasant distraction. It also made me realize how important it is to have fun while at it, and to just be myself. I'm so glad I didn't give up. I'm sure years from now I will appreciate looking back at these portraits.

My goal is to help my clients feel comfortable in front of the camera. To be the best 

This past week has been busy. I didn't even realize the end of the month was coming up, so now, here it is my October self portrait at the very last day of the month. 


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