Self Portrait - month 10 | September

Self portrait month 10. September. "The shoemaker's son goes barefoot". Read on to find out what I'm trying to say. A step by step on how to take a self portrait.

Today I needed a headshot of myself and searching through my pictures I found none. So, I put a little makeup on, embraced the crazy hair and ventured outside with my daughter, my camera and my tripod. Soon I realized I needed something for my camera to focus on, so I grabbed the boom. That didn't help much, since I needed the broom to be away from the wall, so I grabbed an old window I had handy.

I used the wall to hold the window, and the window to hold the broom on an angle. All for the sake of that beautiful green background!

Then, I set the camera on a timer, focused on the broom and ran to stand right by it (and knock it down before the timer went off). You need to watch and stand exactly where the focus is. After a few tries, here is the outcome:

You can use this little trick to photograph your daily moments as a family and to be in front of the camera with your kids on the days I'm not there to capture it for you :) 

Try it at home and post the outcome in the comments.


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