End Summer Right Photo Challenge | Photography by Taila

Summer is almost over. Can you believe it?

This has been a crazy one, but I want to make sure you wrap it up in a fun way and save forever beautiful moments. Join me on a Photo Challenge!

For the month of August, let’s look at those most ordinary moments of our routine, as well as the special days, with a creative eye and photograph them. Let’s capture life as it is, the smiles, the cries, the memories…

Are you in?

The End Summer Right Photo Challenge was planned with you, mama, in mind. Because I’m a mom too and I know I cherish having some old photos to look at and remember those long gone moments. I just went through old pictures of my little one, when she was just a baby, and the ones from when she was starting to walk… my eyes were full of tears and my heart was happy! Even she had a great time looking at them. So I want for you to have these too to look at when your littles aren’t as little anymore.

There are 30 Summer Items in the list, let your creativity flow and capture those moments in your unique way!

Let’s do it! Let’s capture these last days of Summer 2020 together.

Access the End of Summer Photo Challenge List, and enter the giveaway:

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What is included?

A list of 30 photography prompts for you to capture these last days of Summer, and all you need to know to enter to win a $25 amazon gift card.

BONUS: More than 8 photography tips to help you take print worth pictures!

How much does it cost?

This challenge is totally FREE! It’s my gift to you, because nothing better than having our family images to look back to and remember those details almost forgotten.

Who can participate?

A mom, a grandma, a fur mom.  No matter the age or how many children you have, you are welcome in our Summer Photo Challenge

Do I need any equipment to participate?

You only need a camera and will power.

Any camera: your phone, a point and shoot, DSLR.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to take that DSLR out of storage and brush the dust out of it, but if you don’t have a DSLR, don’t worry. This Photo Challenge will help you get out there and document your days and preserve incredible memories.


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